Pay by card - more convenience and service

During your stay at Hof van Saksen you can pay with the special Hof van Saksen Card. This is a fast, safe and easy way to pay. No need to carry cash, just one card that pays for everything. For questions, please contact the reception desk during your stay.

Wristbands for children

For children we offer special wristbands that you can charge with credit. With the wristband children can buy ice cream or get a nice gift in the Gift & Fashion Shop. Educational and fun!

Registration is easy

It's fast and easy to register your Hof van Saksen Card:
  • Download the KNIP app in the App store or Google Play Store.
  • Register your Landal GreenParks Card and put credit on it.
  • Now you can use it to pay everywhere at Hof van Saksen.

Download the KNIP App!

The app can be downloaded from the App Store & Google Play Store and is available for iOS and Android.