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The mountain to Drenthe

Since 18 October 2018, the Netherlands has gained a mountain. The Col du VAM, the mountain in Drenthe, is about 37 metres high. After the climb, with a rise between 8 and 13% you have a fantastic view of the surroundings. You can even see all the way to Germany.

On top of the VAM mountain is the De Blinkerd information centre, where you can delve into the environment and its origins. The mountain is mainly used by cyclists. It is, in fact, a beautiful mountain for training purposes. There are three bicycle lanes including a cobblestone lane. The VAM mountain is known for cycling events such as the Ronde van Drenthe. It is not only a real gain for cyclists, there are also walking routes.

The mountain is near the town of Wijster and the top is the highest spot in the province of Drenthe. It is an artificial hill that was created as a landfill site for the waste processing company VAM. The top of the VAM mountain is now still at 56 metres above sea level. It will take a while but, in 2020, there will be an extra layer of sand on top of the mountain: het Dak van Drenthe (the Roof of Drenthe). It's all about the experience. Just think of it, cycling with a view over the whole of Drenthe.

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