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Customer: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Category: Events

In May 2015, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics organised a Global Sales Meeting at Hof van Saksen. 

"We chose Hof van Saksen for our Global Sales Meeting. More than 140 guests from all over the world were present, staying in various farms from Monday to Friday. By sharing the bedrooms and cooking together in the farms, the team building effect was even greater than is usual in big meetings. The facilities at Hof van Saksen were ideal for our meeting and the Hof van Saksen team were extremely helpful. There was always someone to help us if we needed anything. We had two dinners in the resort. The welcome reception in the Al Fresco self-service restaurant was a good start to the week, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other. 

The food and drinks (particularly the chocolate fountain) were very well received! On the last evening, we had a farewell dinner including an award presentation with music, which made a wonderful end to the week. After this week, we conducted an internal survey among our colleagues and received many positive reactions. We would like to thank the Hof van Saksen team for a brilliant week! 

We look forward to our next meeting in May 2016."