Indoor play paradise Harrewar

With more than 1,000 m², play paradise Harrewar is an adventure for children up to 12 years old. Clambering in the climbing racks, sliding from the slides and playing in the ball pool. Toddlers aged 0-4 years have their own play area. Here, they can play in a safe environment with children their age. And don't forget the Twister: climbing to the top of the Harrewar in this spiral-shaped climbing tower. The challenging rope ladders provide even more viewing and climbing fun.

If the children are all played out, they can recharge their batteries with a drink or participate in one of the many activities in the various Kids Academies.

Menu Harrewar

Access for day guests

Do you live in the surrounding area of Hof van Saksen and want to use the indoor play paradise for a day? You are certainly welcome in the Harrewar at the resort.