Extensive sauna landscape

Hof van Saksen has extensive sauna facilities. There are various saunas and in between your sauna sessions, you can enjoy a light lunch, a snack and a drink. Here your body and soul will find total relaxation.

Upon the request of our guests, Wednesday is ‘swimwear day’ in our Spa & Wellness. Wearing swimwear is mandatory for all guests throughout the entire day. On all other days, swimwear is not necessary in the sauna. Wearing bath slippers is mandatory every day.

Finnish sauna 60 °C and 90 °C

In the Finnish sauna, heated stones create a dry or a wet heat, depending on whether water is poured over the heated stones. In this sauna, your heartbeat will increase, improving your circulation. By perspiring, your skin is cleansed. The heat opens your pores which enables toxins to be eliminated from your body. The Finnish sauna also benefits your immune system.

Turkish steam bath

Relaxing in the Turkish steam bath provides both relaxation and enjoyment. The Turkish steam bath is a warm area of around 55 °C with a high level of humidity of nearly 100%. The heat and moisture on your skin cause the pores to open. This enables dirt and harmful substances to be eliminated, leaving the skin soft and supple again. The heat and steam also has a pleasant effect on the airways, making breathing easier.

Infrared sauna 70 °C

The infrared sauna is a warm room in which infrared heaters emit light to create radiant heat without using the convection of air. The infrared rays are wonderfully relaxing and are great for tired or aching muscles. Infrared rays are also good for burning calories, fighting viruses and bacteria and helping to cleanse your skin. This in turn can reduce acne, eczema and cellulitis.

Immersion baths

There are two immersion baths in the sauna area. In an immersion bath, you rapidly cool down in a short space of time, producing a tingling sensation. As your temperature falls, blood vessels are stimulated and the circulation improves.

Foot bath

Before you enter the sauna, you should gently warm up your feet in the foot bath. Through the temperature of the water, the pores will open and your circulation will be stimulated. This will help your body to perspire more easily in the sauna. At the end of your sauna session, you can use the foot bath to bring your body back to a pleasant temperature.


Once you have cooled down after your visit to the sauna, you can enjoy the whirlpool. The water jets and bubbles have a relaxing effect.