Safe sliding behaviour

For safety reasons, we require you to observe certain sliding behaviour on the three slides. You are not allowed to slide in any way other than as indicated on the instruction boards. You may not use any water toys or inflatables when sliding. The tube must be held with two hands. Sliding multiple times can cause wear and tear of swimwear. The instructions of our staff have priority and must always be followed.

General rules for slides

The use of a tube is mandatory, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 persons per tube. Divide the weight evenly, sitting with the legs inward. Hold on firmly during the ride. No more than 3 adults per tube. The maximum weight per tube is 320 kilos.

Bombo safety instructions

Lie on your back with your feet first. With arms crossed against the shoulders and crossed ankles.

Presto safety instructions


The use of a tube is mandatory. 1 or 2 people per tube. For children we consider not heavy enough: it is mandatory to have two people in the tube.

Intenso safety instructions

Instructions of our staff

In addition to following the above rules, it is always important to pay attention to the instructions of our staff. They are aware of all safety rules and can prevent dangerous situations.

Frequently asked questions

Our staff are present at the top of the tower at the entrance to the slides and at the bottom near the skim-outs. There is also camera surveillance on the slides to allow our employees to assess the situation on the slides.