Playing and learning: Kids Academies

Build your own dream cabin in the Building Academy or design 'haute couture' in the Fashion Academy. Our Kids Academies combine pleasure and education and challenge children and (grand)parents to be creative and active. All you need to do is choose!

Additional information about the location, time, day and price of the Kids Academies is available in the Hof van Saksen App or the welcome folder you receive on arrival in the resort.

Archaeology Academy

Find treasures from the past on the archaeological excavation site. Note down your discoveries in your own archaeology passport and display them in the Archaeology Museum. Age indication: from the age of 5.

This Academy takes place less frequently during winter months due to the weather conditions.
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Adventure Academy

At the Adventure Academy you are sure to find exciting and challenging adventures. Will you be able to cross the recreational lake on a raft you built yourself?
Age indication: from the age of 6
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Building Academy

Want to build your own dream cabin in the Building Village? You can! Complete with sturdy safety helmet, a well filled toolbox and a little help from the 'foreman' and Mum and Dad. During the hut building activity we will build a campfire and everyone can share their building adventure. Age indication: from the age of 4
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Cooking Academy

The whole of Hof van Saksen is baking! What will be made in the Cooking Academy today? Will it be pizzas, biscuits or some other tasty treat? Will you join us in the kitchen like a real chef? Age indication: from the age of 6

*Check the Hof van Saksen App for actual opening hours.
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Crafts Academy

Harrewar Indoor Play Paradise has a special room for the Crafts Academy. The Crafts Academy is for children who want to take a break from all that running and jumping in the Harrewar. Join other children and have fun making the loveliest creations with paper, paint and pencils. Age indication: 3 to 8 years
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Fashion Academy

With the latest fabrics and patterns, young couturiers can use their creativity on the sewing machines in the Fashion Academy. Make your own cuddly toy, a cover for your phone or a super cool bag. Age indication: from the age of 10
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Nature Academy

Go study nature! You will set off on this exploration with a biologist's cart filled with microscopes, stethoscopes, water thermometers, bug viewers, nets, funnels and measuring cups. These will enable you to study the nature in the forest and along the water. Find out how water fleas, insects and traces of mushrooms and ferns look up close. Age indication: from the age of 3.

This Academy takes place less frequently during winter months due to the weather conditions.
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Railway Academy

The barriers of the Railway Academy at Hof van Saksen are open. An academy where kids can build tunnels, bills, bridges and hills for the wooden railway, in full swing with Mum and Dad. Guaranteed building and play fun for all future sleepers, machinists and conductors. Age indication: from the age of 3 years

Sports Academy

The Sports Academy is a real paradise for anyone who loves sports. Whether you're looking for hockey, basketball or other sporty activities, it's all there in the Sports Arena. Footballers can enjoy the football clinic.
Age indication: from the age of 5
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Technology Academy

The Technology Academy is a breeding ground for creativity. Here we mainly use robust materials, like wood, metal, nails, hammers, drills and saws. From building boats to making musical boxes. With our construction packs and a bit of help from Mum or Dad, you can do anything. Age indication: from the age of 8
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