I would like to receive visitors during my stay. Is this possible?
It is certainly possible to receive visitors in the accommodation during your stay. If your visitors will stay overnight in the accommodation, please inform Reception. Only tourist tax will be charged for visitors. It is only possible to let visitors stay overnight, when this does not exceed the maximum number of persons allowed in the accommodation.
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Is it possible to extend my stay?
Subject to availability, you can extend your stay. You can do this during your stay at Reception or before your arrival by calling the Contact Centre at +31-(0)70 300 35 06 (normal call charges).
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Will there be a security deposit on arrival?
The resort is entitled to request a security deposit of up to € 500. In most cases, you will be informed of this in advance by the resort. This is also stated in the General Terms and Conditions. If you wish to know in advance whether a security deposit will be required, we advise you to contact Reception.

Hof van Saksen is a unique family resort in the Drenthe countryside. In order to retain its peaceful and familiar character, the resort is not suitable for groups of people under 25 years of age and strict house rules apply. Prior to your stay a deposit may be required that does not exceed the total amount of € 500 per accommodation.
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What are the arrival times and lengths of stay at Hof van Saksen?
The reception is open daily from 08.00 to 21.00. You can find the current opening hours in the Hof van Saksen App. There is 24-hour security on duty in case you arrive after closing time. 

On the day of arrival you can check in at Reception from 12.00 noon. Your accommodation will be at your disposal from 16.00 hours. If you leave on Monday or Friday, you should leave your accommodation by 10.30 at the latest. On the day of departure you can still use our facilities the entire day. The key card giving you access to the Pool and the Harrewar is activated until 13.00 hours if you leave on Monday or Friday.

A stay at Hof van Saksen has the following lengths:
Weekend stay: from Friday 16.00 hours to Monday 10.30 hours (3 nights).
Midweek stay: from Monday 16.00 hours to Friday 10.30 hours (4 nights).
Week stay: from Friday 16.00 till Friday 10.30 (7 nights) or from Monday 16.00 till Monday 10.30 (7 nights).
Combination of these stays is also possible on availability.
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With how many people can I stay in my accommodation?
The description of the accommodation states how many people the accommodation is suitable for. This number corresponds to the number of beds available in the accommodation and is the maximum number of persons allowed. Due to safety regulations, it is not possible to accept more persons. It is therefore not possible to create extra beds in the accommodation. Children up to 2 years old sleep in a cot. Only one child in a cot is permitted per accommodation (with the exception of the larger accommodations, where several cots fit).
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