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About the accommodation

Where can I find the house number of my booked accommodation?
The house number will be confirmed upon arrival at the resort. Would you like to know the house number before then? You certainly can! From one week before your arrival, you can find the provisional house number of your accommodation in the app and in your account.
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Where can I find information about the interior of the accommodation?
The easiest way to find details about the facility is via your account. Click on the booking and at the top of the page you will soon find the 'My accommodation' button. Or look in the Hof van Saksen app, here you will find your accommodation under 'Booking details' and then 'My accommodation'.
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Is there dishwashing liquid, toilet paper and coffee in the accommodation?
You are welcome to visit the park/minimarket for necessities such as toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, and coffee (if the park where you are staying has one).
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Are there towels in the accommodation?
There is no need to bring towels because the accommodation provides two towels per person. Do you want to order more towels? You can do so in your account's 'extras' section. This set includes two large luxury towels (140x70cm).
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With how many people can I stay in my accommodation?
The description of the accommodation states how many people the accommodation is suitable for. This number corresponds to the number of beds available in the accommodation and is the maximum number of persons allowed. Due to safety regulations, it is not possible to accept more persons. It is therefore not possible to create extra beds in the accommodation. Children up to 2 years old sleep in a cot. Only one child in a cot is permitted per accommodation (with the exception of the larger accommodations, where several cots fit).
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Is bedlinen available in the accommodation?
Yes, bed linen is provided in the accommodation and the beds are made for you on arrival. Now that's a real holiday!
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What is meant by cot linen?
If you have indicated that you wish to use a cot, we will provide the cot linen. For example, we make sure that the mattress of the cot is covered cleanly with an under sheet, which sits completely under the mattress. The package also includes a children's blanket (blanket incl. fitted sheet attached) that you can use. Of course, you can also bring your own blanket or sleeping bag for the baby. The cot linen is compulsory though, so a fitted sheet is always present for hygiene. Please note that charges are also made for the cot linen.
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What exactly is meant by a children's bed?
A cot is a bed measuring 1.20 x 0.60 m and suitable for toddlers (suitable for kids up to 3 years old). It can be a camping bed or a wooden cot. You can see what kind of children's bed is available per accommodation. Children aged 3 and over sleep in a single bed. When making your booking, please indicate whether you would like to use a children's bed, and we will provide the children's bed linen. Please note that there is also a charge for the children's bed linen. 

Please note: in the Newborn (4CEN) and 4-persons children's farm (4CK) cots are standard. 
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Arrange in advance

What should I think about before visiting the resort?
The anticipation of your stay starts with downloading the Hof van Saksen app. Here you can easily settle an outstanding payment, fill in your travel group and enter your arrival and departure times. This makes it easy to check in from home and get inspired. 2 weeks before your arrival at the resort, you can see the activities programme, reserve a table in one of our restaurants or book a treatment in the Spa & Wellness.
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Can I order my groceries beforehand?
You can order groceries up to two days before your arrival if you have made a reservation. You can easily order them using the Hof van Saksen app. The order button is ready for you on the app's home screen; it's that simple!
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Which packages can I book?
You naturally want your holiday to be completely relaxing. To help with this, we offer a variety of entertaining and convenient packages. You can enhance your stay by booking a breakfast buffet or an out-and-about package. Or go all out with the party package. Extra towels can also be easily reserved. For more information and pricing, please see our packages page.
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Arrival at the resort

I can't make it to Reception before closing time. What should I do?
No worries. Reception is open daily until 9pm. Expecting to arrive later? No problem. You will receive your keys before your stay so you can drive straight to your accommodation. In case of problems, you can always report to security, who are on site 24/7.
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Do I have to pay a deposit on arrival?
We may ask for a deposit, which is a sum of up to €500. In most cases, we will inform you about this before your stay. You have not been informed, but would like to know in advance? Please contact our reception.
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Can I also check in earlier or arrive earlier?
The key cards will be sent to your reservation address at the latest 3 days before arrival. Your accommodation is available from 16.00 hours. The 'children's' farmhouse (4CK, 4CEK, 6CK, 6CEK, 8CK and 10CEK) and Newborn (4CEN) are ready for you at 15.00 hours.

If you have not received these key passes, you can collect them from 12.00 at Reception. You will not receive your key passes in advance if you have an outstanding payment, a last minute booking or a change in your existing booking.

You are welcome to use the facilities already. From 12:00 you can pick up a day pass at the reception.
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What do I need to bring with me to the park if I want to check in?
You can still check in while at home. This can be done through your account or in the Hof van Saksen app. All of the steps are outlined here. Pay the balance, enter your travel group, and set your arrival time. That's very useful! When you arrive at the resort at 16:00, you can drive straight to your accommodation.
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Can I also check in at the resort if I am not the main booker?
Check-in actually already happens at home. But if someone other than the main booker arrives at the accommodation first and already has a key. Of course, this is not a problem.
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