Art & Architecture

Unique works of art, beautifully designed buildings and luxury interiors by Piet Boon. Hof van Saksen is a feast for the eyes. Not only will you find art in the basement of the Havezate main building but also in the various restaurants. There are beautiful sculptures located at various spots throughout the resort. Make sure you don’t miss any of them and follow the art route. You will not believe your eyes.

Red Dog

A giant red dog stands guard of the resort. According to the artist William Sweetlove, the dog is not only a message of hope but also a dire warning against climate change. The boots on the dog’s front legs are meant to offer protection against global warming and the belt on the animal’s back holds a bottle of clean drinking water in balance.


Henk Helmantel in the Drents Museum and at the resort

Hanging in the hall above the piano is the largest still life that master painter Henk Helmantel ever made. But that is not the only work of art by his hand at the resort. There are another 24. And the Drents Museum is holding an exhibition of another 70 pieces of his art from 3 October 2020 to 7 March 2021. The museum is only 15 minutes from the resort. And of course, museum visitors are also welcome to come to Hof van Saksen to view his work.

Collection Harms Rolde

Collectie Harms Rolde is a professional art dealer specialised in Contemporary Realism. Located at Hof van Saksen, the art dealer represents various artists, not only Henk Helmantel but also Matthijs Röling, Sam Drukker, Ton Dubbeldam and many others. You can see the paintings in the Havezate main building and there are sculptures spread throughout the resort.
View the Collection of Harms Rolde


That Hof van Saksen was designed with an eye for detail is apparent all over the resort. For example, the farmhouses and Havezate main building were designed by architect Cor Kalfsbeek with a nod to the past, as he himself puts it so beautifully. The ultimate luxury and quality of the interiors were designed by the hand of interior designer Piet Boon. The gardens around the Havezate were designed by garden architect Piet Oudolf, known for Ground Zero in New York, among other things.
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