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About the accommodation

Are pets allowed in the accommodation?
Nice that you want to bring your pet! Of course this is possible. So you can enjoy a holiday together. Good to know:
- Four-legged friends are welcome at the reception and the Grand Cafe in the Havezate.
- Let them run free on the special dog playing field or let them out on the dog walking strips. These are indicated on our resort map. 
- Dogs are allowed to swim in the small ponds. Dogs are not welcome in the recreational lake or on the beach.
- Make sure your dog is leashed throughout the resort. Do not let it loose in the meadow near car parks P2 and P3. This will scare the (pregnant) sheep.
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Can I also spend a day swimming at Hof van Saksen?
Yes, you can also just come and enjoy a day at the resort. Go swimming in the swimming paradise and race down the exciting slides. Or splash around in the musical paddling pool. 

Always contact us in advance on +31(0)592 24 59 50 and ask about availability. At weekends and during school holidays in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, the facilities and activities are only open to resort guests.
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I would like to receive visitors during my stay. Is this possible?
Cosy! If your visitors are not staying over, you don't need to pass anything on to us. Will they stay over? They can. In that case, you pay bed linen and tourist tax per person. Go to your account and add your travel companion to 'my travel group'. There, you can choose to add an extra travel companion for the entire stay or for part of the stay. Select the arrival date and departure date of your guest and add them to your travel companion.
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Can I separate my waste during my stay?
The less household waste, the better it is for nature. At Hof van Saksen you will find containers for glass, paper and household waste. We deliberately do not separate household waste. This is separated at the waste management plant, where valuable materials are retained and recycled instead of incinerated. By not separating waste ourselves, we get better results. The collection stations for glass, paper and household waste are spread around the resort. Look on the map for the one nearest you.
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Can we park at the accommodation?
We are a car-low resort, which means that cars are only allowed on the resort during arrival and departure days. In this way, the atmosphere and authentic character of our Saxon farms is fully appreciated! You can unload and load your belongings by car. You can then park your car in the central car parks P1, P2 or P3. Are you disabled and do you have an explanation for this? Please let reception know. You can then use the disabled parking spaces. When staying in accommodation type 4B, 6B1 or 6B2, you can park at the accommodation.
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There is a malfunction in my accommodation
How inconvenient that you experienced inconveniences during your stay. If you notice a disturbance, please notify reception. We will then work to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Is the reception area closed? In an emergency, dial +31 (0)592 24 59 50 to reach a member of staff.
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Can I barbecue at my accommodation?
You are allowed to barbecue during your stay. When doing so, please keep in mind that you are not standing under the thatched roof, but rather a bit up the terrace. This is to reduce the risk of a fire. During the summer, there can sometimes be a prolonged drought at the resort. In this case, barbecuing is not allowed. In doubt? Then ask at reception on arrival at the resort.

Please note that the coals should not be thrown in the underground container afterwards, unless they are completely burnt out and smouldered. So leave the barbecue for a long time before cleaning this up.
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Digital key

I have booked more than one accommodation. Will I then receive a separate digital key for each accommodation?
As the main booker you will receive a digital key giving you access to all accommodation within the booking. You can share this key. If you want to share the key with your travel group, you share it per accommodation per travel companion. The travel companion will only receive the key to the accommodation for which it is shared.
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How should I configure my smartphone before I can use the digital key?
Download the Hof van Saksen App and log in with your account. In addition, switch on your bluetooth, location and 4G/5G internet. You can also use wifi. We do recommend a 4G/5G internet connection in order to make optimal use of the key.
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When will the digital key be visible in the app?
Once you have made your booking, the digital key will be visible in the app. You can use the key as of 4 p.m. on your arrival day once you have completed all the steps. We will indicate which steps are still required (for example payment, sending us the names of your travelling companions). Are you staying in a Newborn or Children's Farm? Then you will have access to the accommodation from 3pm.
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I cannot find the digital key in the app. What do I do now?
You will find the key in the app once you have followed the steps below in the Hof van Saksen App or in your account on our website:

  • Pay any outstanding amount.
  • Inform us of your travelling companions;
  • Let us know what time you expect to arrive.
  • Complete your emergency contact information

Did you complete all the steps but are still unable to see the key in the app? Please contact the reception of the resort. We will be happy to assist you.
Good to know: the key is only visible in the app and not on the website. This is from about 7 days before arrival. Around 4, the key turns green, and is ready to use. Want to know more? See here for more information about the digital key.
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Can I also use wifi when I use the digital key?
Yes, this is possible. However, we recommend using 4G/5G for the best connection.
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I don't have a smartphone, how do I check in?
No worries. Just go to the reception of the resort, our staff will be happy to help you.
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My digital key doesn't work or stopped working. What do I do now?

This is annoying. Try the following:

  • Check that you have downloaded the latest version of the Hof van Saksen App.
  • Is this not the case? Then make sure you update the app to the latest version and log in again. 
  • Do you have the latest version? Then log out, close the app and then log in again.
  • Do the above steps not work? Delete the app and download the app all over again.
  • Is the digital key still not working? Try it on another device and log in with your credentials.
If this doesn't help either, please refer to the reception. Is the reception closed? If so, contact the emergency number provided in the app.
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I don't have an internet bundle on my mobile phone, what do I do now?
No problem, we offer free wifi at our resort. This way you can still use the digital key!
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On the resort

Is it possible to extend my stay?
Subject to availability, you can extend your stay. You can do this during your stay at Reception or before your arrival by calling the Contact Centre at +31-(0)70 300 35 06 (normal call charges).
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Can I charge my electric car?
Hof van Saksen has 26 loading bays. This leaves 20 charging spots at P1 and 6 charging spots at Daytime Guest car park. In order to give everyone as much opportunity as possible to charge, we request that you make room for the next person at car park P1 after 12 noon. After 12 noon, a connection fee of € 2.00 per hour is automatically charged. In the case of the Daytime Guest car park, a connection charge of € 2.00 per hour is automatically applied after 6 hours.
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Night rest
The night hours at the entire resort are from 22.00 to 07.00. We kindly ask you to observe the night silence. Please also note that there are children who sleep well before 10PM.
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Recreational lake
- The recreational lake is not supervised.
- Swimming and playing is at your own risk.
- Diving is not permitted.
- The maximum depth of the recreational lake is approximately 2.5 metres. The depth at the drift line is approximately 0.75 metres.
- Dogs are not allowed on the beach.
- On the beach it is not allowed to cycle or make a campfire.
- The use of the ferry is entirely at your own risk.
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Is there a babysitting service for children?
Yes, at the resort we have our own childcare location. This is run by the professional babysitting service of Kinderdagverblijf Bij Ot & Sien. This is a small-scale and flexible childcare centre in Grolloo. The advantage is that the children simply stay at Hof van Saksen. So you can have a nice dinner out together or relax in the Spa & Wellness. It is also possible to book a babysitter in the evening, in which case the babysitter will come to your accommodation.
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How far in advance can I make a reservation for facilities or activities?
There are activities for both young and old people every day. Did you know that you can book all activities and facilities through the Hof van Saksen app? Check out the app's activity schedule and get inspired. Good to know: 

Bowling alley: 3 days in advance  
Restaurants: 2 weeks in advance  
Activities: 2 days in advance
Spa & Wellness: all year round
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Are there activities organised for children at the resort?
There are activities for both kids and adults every day. View the Hof van Saksen app's activity schedule to get inspired

Good to know: you can book weekend activities from Friday 12.00 noon and midweek activities from Monday 12.00 noon. Activities can be booked up to two days in advance.
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Is it possible to rent a bike on the resort?
Yes, that is possible! The resort has a bike rental with a wide range of bicycles. The bicycle hire is open daily. In the Hof van Saksen App you will find opening times and you can reserve a bicycle directly.
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Until when is my bike reservation valid?
We reserve the bike until 10:30 a.m. on collection day. The pick-up time is displayed in the app. Didn't you pick up your reserved bikes before then? Then we will make the bikes available again to rent to other guests.
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Where can I pick up my rental bike?
This can be done at the bicycle rental counter. The Bike Rental is located in the Brink, check the resort map for the exact location.
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